You stroll into your job with your good looking beard.The holidays are coming up and everything seems to be nice like the leaves falling in the wind. Though, the boss looked at you funny this time. He noticed something in your beard. A smell that you thought went away on the weekend. Something mixed with your girl’s perfume, steak sauce, and left over corn. Wait, you went to the restaurant on Sunday. There is no way the smell could have came up on Tuesday. Unfortunately, it has come on Tuesday and your beard is the one that drags into it. Beards are things that happen to get all sorts of dirt clogged in them. Need a good face wash and beard shampoo to get the smell out from the roots. Learn more ways on how to do it down below.

Wash Face and Beard Every Day

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Your face is a monument of stickers that have bad bacteria on it from the night before. Your not going to be able to get all the bacteria out if you don’t wash your beard daily. You know I don’t feel like washing my beard every day too. Like all the other things I don’t feel like doing. This life you know. Anywho, Hydrate your beard each day and make sure the roots of it are washed. Failure to do this can lead to dandruff. You do not want this to happen. You see white flakes in your beard and so does everyone else. You could brush it off like no one see it. But, people do see it and man is it a problem. Dandruff causes the beard to itch and reduces the shine the beard gets. Additionally, women who zoom in on your beard form a close up will not want you anymore. Wash face and beard with the best fairness face wash for men and best beard shampoo wash. Quality of your beard needs to be better. Make it so by using those two products accordingly each day.

Use Beard Shampoos for Beard Washes

Beard shampoos are more effective then regular shampoos for beard. Don’t even think about picking up that cheap shampoo you saw at the grocery store. Put that one down and get shampoo that is designed for beard. A high grade and balance hydration beard shampoo wash. That’s what beard shampoo does for the roots of your beard and the life of it. Overtime, beard gets dryer and dryer. Provoking outside bacteria to come in and make a little nest. Destroy that notion by washing your beard with beard shampoo. Beard shampoo softens the beard and leaves it feeling refreshed. Refreshed in a way that retains the color of beard and adds a second layer of defensive protection from outside beard attacking chemicals. All in all, you can’t go wrong with beard shampoo for your beard washing days.

Trim Beard Every So Often

Beard should be trimmed every couple weeks. The beard is not going to trim itself. You got to get some hair clippers or scissors. Do it with hair clippers to save time. But, make sure you pick the right guard to align the beard just right. Don’t want to mess up the style. Cut the corners and the sides a little bit. Make the whole thing balance and feel like it belongs on your face in that particular shape. You strive to just put it in descent place. That is generally what your doing when you trim your beard. Trimming beard comes with benefits if I may add. You can get more respect for your boss and find yourself going on dates where the women pays extra attention to you.