No Shave November

Does Epilation Reduce Hair Growth?

Normally, the hair grows only in certain areas of the body: scalp, eyebrows, eyelids, chin, armpits, pubic and lower legs, forearms. Hair grows on the chest and back of men. However, for many reasons, including genes, hormones, certain congenital diseases, and more, hair may grow thicker, darker, or stiffer. Also, hair due to these conditions, hair appears in unusual areas of the body.  Stemming from customs, cultural traditions, religion, aesthetics,

How to Show Appreciation to Your Boss

How to Show Appreciation to Your Boss

The work, everyday pressure, and other things in life sometimes make us forget to express gratitude. Sometimes we forget that it is an important part of our success today. Without gratitude, life will be meaningless, and relationships will gradually fall back. So, how to express gratitude? 1. Appreciate the person who you accompanied Gratitude works as a glue that ties your relationships with others, including your relatives, associates, and friends. It is better to

Care for the Beard Properly

How to Care for Beard Properly Should Men Know

Do you want to own beautiful 5-hour beard, ant beard, beard and beard with Hollywood standard? Together research recipes care beard and maintain their sexy beard slightly. To get the perfect beautiful beard as a masterpiece, the handsome guys on screen or those who play beard also take a lot of effort there. They are extremely meticulous, careful with each stage of their beard care . Even the time to care for a beard may be more than

Pityrosporum Folliculitis Treatment

What Are Various Pityrosporum Folliculitis Treatment?

Scalp folliculitis is condition that connects to the base of the hair roots being red and irritated. This is frequently discovered all over the body, however mostly on the scalp. This swelling is typically accompanied with red or pink bubbles that might be 3-5 cm large with a pink halo around them. It is likewise typical for those who have scalp folliculitis to error it for acne as they do

How to Exfoliate Face Naturally

How to Exfoliate Face Naturally?

With the increasing number of skin problems, the number of products for curing them has also made a significant increase. Therefore, it has been even difficult for people to choose the best one for their skin. As the skin problems on the face is of deep concern because it affects the appearance, it is essential to cure it using an ultimate remedy. Because of the face problems are the important

Why You Should Use Shampoo and Conditioner for Your Beard

Why You Should Use Shampoo and Conditioner for Your Beard?

You ever had somebody tell you need to shampoo your beard? I know, I have heard it at least once in my high school days. I didn’t have much hair back then. But, Someone told me that you need to shampoo your beard hair because it doesn’t nourish itself properly. It has a natural cleaning system. But, the system is weak and once the beard gets up in length it

Choose the Shaving Cream You Really Want

Choose the Shaving Cream You Really Want

Countless choices are available to you, when you walk in the store looking for shaving cream. You can have the best shaving cream for sensitive skin or generic shaving cream. Once you chosen the type you want, the next step would be to make sure it fits your skin types. All men need shaving cream, but all men have different skin types as well. Spend time using the foamy shaving